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Bundaberg Tourism

It is always a good idea to enjoy more outdoor experiences with your family, and Bundaberg is the perfect place for it. Located within the Southern Great Barrier Reef, Bundaberg has a wide range of activities and attractions for families. This destination is one of the most popular with families because it provides a variety of children’s attractions, even for those with younger families.

Another great thing about taking your family to Bundaberg is that you do not need a big budget because it offers both paid and free attractions. When you visit the area, you will find that it is the perfect location to do activities with kids. Whether you want your children to have fun-filled educational experiences, natural encounters, water sports adventures, and so much more, Bundaberg has a lot of store for you.

Recommended Paid Family Activities

  • Mon Repos Turtle Encounter

    November through March, you can book tickets to visit Mon Repos, which is located on the coast of Bundaberg. This location is a popular attraction to view the largest concentration of nesting marine turtles that can be found on the eastern Australian mainland. Families enjoy the opportunity to take a picture-perfect moment with their children as they see nesting turtles or hatchlings, making their way to the ocean. Your SuperHost put together a handy guide if you would like to know more.

  • Ginger Beer at the Bundy Barrel

    Kids always enjoy a trip to the Bundaberg Barrel, where they can take the True Brew tour. This tour provides a history of Australia’s famous Bundaberg Ginger Beer. The kids love the end of the tour, where they get a chance to taste all of the great flavours. Not only fun but the tours also educational because you have an opportunity to learn more about the brewery’s history, learn how their drinks are made and have a great time with your family.

  • Southern Great Barrier Reef

    This spot is the ideal setting for your next family holiday to spend time in one of Australia’s most beautiful natural wonders. It is a bucket-list destination for many travellers and to get away all of its own. Located just near Bundaberg, this destination offers warm blue waters, white-sand beaches, pristine coral reefs and the perfect setting to discover giant marine life. The kids are amazed at the encounters with turtles, manta rays and whales. It is also recommended to spend a day exploring Lady Musgrave Island or Lady Elliot Island.

  • Amandine Lavender

    This farm and gift shop offers a range of lavender products that are locally made, which provide a pleasant fragrance and help to calm and relax. Your family will enjoy a unique lavender experience with self-guided propagation activities that children enjoy. Kids not only get an educational experience in lavender farm production, but they get to enjoy unleavened or infused ice cream after all of their fun work.

  • Snakes Downunder

    Your family can enjoy a fun-filled yet affordable day at Snakes Downunder Reptile Park & Zoo. This zoo features over 45 species and subspecies of native Australian animal life. It also features other attractions, including a snake house, a vivarium where dragons and frogs live, and a kangaroo reserve where kids can feed them by hand. There are also other animals that are often on display by the staff, and families can watch animal feedings on specific days during autumn and spring.

  • Bundaberg Food Tour

    Families get an experience of a lifetime as they learn about the history of farming, fishing, and baking in the Bundaberg region. This experience is for people who love food and want to learn how it is grown and getting a chance to see it firsthand on the farm. Best of all, you will get an opportunity to enjoy tasting the never-ending seasonal and varied seafood, meat, fruit and vegetables that are unique to this region.

  • Tobruk Dive Wreck

    This location is the newest dive in Australia and also the final resting place for the Ex-HMAS Tobruk. This tour allows you to enjoy a unique wreck dive experience while learning the history of the amphibious heavy lift ship that was in service from 1980 to 2015. Explore abundant marine life and experience this ship from a different perspective beneath the ocean’s surface.

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Recommended Free Family Activities

  • Bundaberg Botanic Gardens>

    Enjoy a family picnic and his green sanctuary located in North Bundaberg. Visitors will find a lake where families can relax in the shade as well as hidden Japanese gardens. Those who enjoy bird watching love going there since it is home to 114 species of birds.

  • Basin Rock Pool>

    Located at the end of Kellys Beach in Bargara, you will find one of Bundaberg’s best-kept secrets, which are free. When the tide is going out, you can have a fun-filled family activity in this man-made rock pool. Besides having fantastic fun while swimming in a semi-protected ocean-filled swimming pool, other activities include snorkelling and discovering marine life.

  • Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery

    Known by locals as BRAG, both children and parents love the self-guided activities at this multipurpose visual arts facility. The gallery includes a program that continues year-round, exhibiting local, touring and national art exhibitions, kids’ activities, workshops, and a lot more.

  • Bargara Foreshore Turtle Playground

    Children love turtles no matter what their age and this spot is the perfect place to take children of all ages. A good time to visit is a few hours before sunset, where kids can play on the turtle-themed slides while parents enjoy the waves as they come in.

  • Cania Gorge National Park

    If your family is ready to explore the outdoors and enjoy the scenery, Cania Gorge National Park offers one of the eight bushwalks you and your family can spend a day exploring. When arriving there, you will be amazed at the scenery with towering cliffs, caves to explore, and sheltered gorges. Kids love visiting this place because they enjoy seeing the various habitats from natural wildlife, including the famous platypus, as well as the aboriginal freehand art that can be seen while exploring the area.

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Coral Coast Beaches

In addition to the turtle playground in Bargara, the Coral Coast offers some of the most idyllic beaches for families to enjoy with playgrounds, swimming areas, shaded barbecue areas, and plenty of places to have fun. Here are some of the recommended places to visit:

  • Elliot Heads Beach – Be greeted upon rows of sugar cane when you visit this pristine beach that includes white sand and sparkling blue waters. It is a favourite among surfing enthusiasts, jet skiers, and kite surfers. It is a perfect place to pack a kite for the kids and have a beachside picnic after swimming.
  • Kelly’s Beach – This is a paradise for families to enjoy local swimming by diving into the waves or dipping your feet in the flowing tide at the causeway. This location includes playgrounds where children can play and lots of space to have fun.
  • Bargara Beach – As mentioned before, this beach is an accessible location for families with younger children to enjoy the turtle marine life. With its surf beaches, playgrounds, barbecue spots, and everything you need just within walking distance, families can get in on all of the local action at this popular oceanfront location.
  • Moore Park Beach – this beach is patrolled in the summer and features a 20 km stretch of sandy coastline. It provides activities for everyone in the family to include all age groups. This spot is an excellent place for families to layout the beach chairs and umbrella and enjoy a great day at the beach.
  • Neilson Beach – Located at the northern end of Bargara, this beach is popular among surfers and swimmers. Just like the central hub of Bargara Beach, this location offers a swimming area, scenic views, and palm-lined pathways.
  • Oaks Beach – This hidden gem is popular among the locals and located just 10 minutes from Bargara. It has a 200-meter stretch, which people enjoy when taking a stroll. Families enjoy splashing the water at high tide. This man-made beach is safe and family-friendly. However, it is only patrolled on the weekends.
  • Woodgate Beach – A bit further out of the way to travel since it is located 45 minutes south of Bundaberg, this beach is a secluded paradise. It includes calm, clear waters that line a 16 km stretch of protected beach. This spot is a recommended secluded getaway where you can take your family to enjoy a quiet beach area with waves that softly lap the shore while watching the perfect sunset.

Visit Bundaberg for an Unforgettable Family Adventure

No matter your age, family size, or budget, there is something for everyone in Bundaberg. It is the perfect family holiday spot where magical moments are made. It is an experience that every child and adult must do at least once. Whether it is the out-of-this-world turtle encounters, amazing beach adventures, or the many other family-friendly activities and destinations, this destination has everything you need to provide you with the most memorable family holiday.



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