On the outside, it seems like listing your short-term property is pretty straightforward. After all, you only need to create a listing that features the property with its photos and description. However, when you try it out, you find out it is not easy at all.

When creating a listing, it is not just about posting an advertisement. It should be a listing that potential guests can find, will look at, and entice them to book. It is not a simple feat. You have to consider several things to make your goal a reality. Even if you have a listing that looks appealing for you, it may not work for your intended audience.

Let Your SuperHost take the headaches of listing your BnB for you. We will deal with this process so you can just enjoy your earnings without much work on your part.

How does our listing process work? We use our expertise to come up with listings that are suitable for the homeowners and their target guests. For us, it is important to determine the audience of the listing. It will help narrow down the people who will view your ad so you can be sure they book your property. It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Our listing experts have specialist knowledge when it comes to generating an ad that will showcase what your property entails. With our help, you can have your home with the best chance of getting the maximum number of occupants.


Property Stand Out

Our professional listings work seamlessly across all of the most popular online short-stay booking sites. We optimise the ad so you can proudly showcase our home to the right guests no matter what device they use. Interested? Here are the top ways on how we create listings for our clients:

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Your Amenities.

According to research, one of the first things that people look at is the availability of amenities in the BnB property. Guests would most likely book your place if they see a kitchen (plus points if it is organised and stocked), you have a fast WiFi connection, and your place has air conditioning. They also want a private bathroom, which they will not share with other guests, aside from their family, friends, or the person they are sharing the room with.

Guests are also looking for parking spaces, washer, heating, pool, and cable TV. It does not mean you have to have all these amenities to bring in guests. However, what this means is that if you have them, you should show them off.

It is exactly what we do when we create your listing. We will highlight the ones that people look for in a BnB. It always helps to define your target audience. For instance, if you mostly want families to book, we will emphasise your home’s features that will look more inviting to them.


Location Details

Another huge factor that will lead guests to your property is to provide them with the precise location of your BnB property. They want a place that is close to the city centre most of the time. Meanwhile, others desire to be away from the noise. They appreciate it more if they are close to nature. A quiet place is more appealing for them, particularly one that is near a peaceful beach or a lake.

Wherever you may be located, we will make sure to highlight it in your listing. This way, you can reach out to the right guests easily.

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Appropriate For Your Personality.

One of the qualities that travellers like about short-term stays, is that it allows them to explore a community with locals around them. Your home is a huge representation of who you are, including your personality. It shows your sense of style, lifestyle, and other preferences.

Guests are now quite picky when it comes to the BnB listing they view. They look at the photos, as well as the interiors of the house. They consider these factors so they can experience their destination just like how a local would. You can count on these things to be present in the listing we create for you.


Essentials Are In The Listing

As much as possible, we want people to ring us because they saw the listing and they would like to book a night (or more). It is why we place all the valuable details in the ad. It minimises the need for potential guests to call us about certain information, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the house, where it is located, and pet-friendliness.

When we list your space, you can rest assured that it will bring guests in. We also offer professional photography, so your listing is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

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