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Short Term Stays

Many hosts think that becoming a short-term stay host means they need to do every single work.

From creating engaging listings to answering phone calls to welcoming guests to their home, there is so much to do. You may not have all the time and patience in managing your property. Perhaps you want to gain your free time back instead of dealing with guests.

Your SuperHost is the answer. We will host your property for you so you do not have to do any work when it comes to running your business. On top of that, we will help maximise your rental yield.


Of Everything

Short-term rentals are now recognised around the world, including Australia, as one of the most profitable ventures. Many people are getting into this industry because they see how much they can gain with it. Unfortunately, not everyone has a lot of free time. If you have other duties to fulfil or you have a full-time job, you probably think handling your BnB will be too much for you.

With Your SuperHost, you can continue with your life as we take care of your property. Our process is simple. Once you have decided to turn your property into a short-term rental property, get in touch with us today so we can start working with you.

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It Works


Contact Us

The first step involves finding out about your property. Complete details about the property such as, the number of bedrooms & bathrooms, parking, amenities, location and anything else you feel may be important to the listing. This way it will make the whole process streamlined, and you will have your short term rental up in no time.

Once we receive your enquiry, we can then go about arranging a call to discuss everything you need to know. In the call, we can talk you through our process and give you an estimate of how much you can earn from your property.


For Property Evaluation

Please note that the forecast we provide you during the enquiry is simply that – a forecast. To properly give you a more accurate quote, we will need to assess your property. After the call and you have decided to work with us, we will arrange a meeting with you.

We will then visit your property and look at its amenities, its location, and other factors. Then, we can provide you with a more accurate estimate of the potential yield you can receive with your home.


a Listing

Part of our property management services is to create a listing for you. Our listing is not just to put your property out there and wait for a call. We care about your property and your goals. It is why we will use our expertise to generate attention to your listing.

We want you to stand out, which is why your listings will surely be a cut above the rest. Using the correct title, description, and information about how to contact you, we will soon have guests lining up to book your rental property.


Your Home

You cannot accept guests before your home is ready. It is important that everything is neat and prepared to take guests in. We will take care of house cleaning and maintenance for you. If there are broken lights and fixtures, these things should be fixed before the guests arrive.

With our service, your home will turn into a hotel-quality accommodation. We will make it look professional and neat. All the available amenities will be out in plain sight. Best of all, the rooms will be comfortable, so the guests feel like they are at home.


Your Property

Leave all the work to us while you go on holiday or do other things. We will look after your home, and guests so you never have to worry about them anymore.

Are you ready to earn with your property? Call us today and find out how we can help.


Customers Say

Angie was great to deal with and the apartment was absolutely perfect! We will definitely be back before our first child is born to enjoy some peace and quiet for the last time!

- Sean

Angie lives up to the Superhost title! Location and views were excellent, definitely recommend this place! Angie is very prompt to reply to any concerns you may have. Thank you for the stay!

- Yen

The whole process with Angie was very professional and streamlined, she made our stay so easy and enjoyable. This is the best, highly recommended.

- Glen