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Of Short Term Stays

With a surge in the short stay property market in Australia, it may be time to invest wisely, and become a part of this growing industry. It may seem daunting to run your property and that’s where Your SuperHost can help.

With a wealth of experience, we are the experts in BnB property management in Australia, taking care of every part of the management process. You need not worry about the guests, as we will host and take care of all of their needs. If you are looking for the experts in managing your property, Your SuperHost is a name you can trust.

Our goal is your goal, as property management experts, will work with you to develop your property into a thriving investment. We will help you every step of the way to increase occupancy and see the maximum return on your investment.


To Achieve The Best Results

We can help you achieve better rental yield with the help of property managers. The key to higher profitability lies in the happiness of your guests. When your guests are satisfied with the service, and the property itself, they will certainly book again. Your occupancy rates will increase, and people will choose your short term stay over the others.

Competition is stiff in Australia. The big cities have popular BnB destinations, but we can help you compete with them. With our property management services, you can count on us to keep your guests content. With smiles on their faces, they will be happy to leave a five-star rating for their reviews.

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Property management

Without The Stress

Every BnB host wants to become a Superhost, and no better company will help you get this sought-after reward than Your SuperHost. Get this privilege by making sure that your property goes beyond simply being a space for renters and holidaymakers to stay. As part of our property management services, we take on the embodiment of a real host.

Once you have made your decision to turn your property into a short term stay, we are the next step. Get in touch with us today to get a forecast on how much you can earn with your property. If you have no experience of running a rental or you do not have the time to manage it, we will do all the work for you.


Property Owners

Your SuperHost is the super property manager that you have been looking for. With our help, you can get rid of the hassles that go with running a BnB listing. Plus, we can help you boost your income. Here are the things that we will do for you:


Your Property

It is difficult to run an ad for your property. You have to come up with a convincing title and description. You also need tantalising photos that will urge potential guests to pick the phone up and book. There are many things to do when listing your property. You do not want to have your efforts go down the drain. Why not take less effort and wait for the results instead?

This is where Your SuperHost can help. We will create your listing, maintain it, and communicate with people who may want to book your property.


The Guests

A common mistake of many short-term stay owners – both new and old ones – is that they accept whoever rings them to book. While it is tempting to accept the booking, you should still be picky when it comes to your guests. Taking a guest that will only create trouble in your property is costlier than simply saying no. You do not have to worry about this aspect of the business because we will handle it for you.


With The Guests

Guest communication is essential. It is even one of the biggest factors that affect your rating. Every host wants a five-star review, and communicating the guests is the best way to achieve it.

We will listen to their demands, complaints, and positive reactions. If there is any problem, you can be sure that it will be resolved right away. Our goal is to keep your short-term rental running smoothly. When the guests are happy, it is easy to achieve this particular goal.


Check-in and Check-out

Keeping up with bookings, as well as check-ins and check-outs, can be extremely time-consuming. If you are busy, it is not something that you would like to add to your to-do list. Your Super Host will take care, making sure the guests receive a warm and friendly welcome. If requested, we can show the guests around the property while giving them instructions for a relaxing stay.

Upon checkout, you can be sure that the guests will be pleased with their experience. We also collect feedback, which can help in improving their stay.

Here is how you can become a Superhost: with Super Host’s help. Contact us today, and we will work hard for you so you can have a property that people will want to book.


Customers Say

Angie was great to deal with and the apartment was absolutely perfect! We will definitely be back before our first child is born to enjoy some peace and quiet for the last time!

- Sean

Angie lives up to the Superhost title! Location and views were excellent, definitely recommend this place! Angie is very prompt to reply to any concerns you may have. Thank you for the stay!

- Yen

The whole process with Angie was very professional and streamlined, she made our stay so easy and enjoyable. This is the best, highly recommended.

- Glen